After Renovation

If your home has undergone a little or significant amount of renovation, Sparkxx Cleaning is at your service to perform the best renovation cleaning services. We will turn your place from a chaotic mess to a tidy, clean, and spotless sanctuary in our single go.


The Features of SparkxxPost-Renovation Cleaning Services

Our after-renovation services are swift, with the highest quality with the best cleaning equipment. We use the most effective and extra special cleaning services to make your place shine and sparkle.
The after-renovationcleaning services that we provide include but not limited to, the following:

  • Surface wipe down with the help of highly efficient and modern fluids with the warranty of not damaging the fresh paints
  • Removal of renovation materials
  • Dusting and wiping or extra layers of the renovation process and ceiling fixture
  • Complete Vent Cleaning
  • Spilled paint spots removal
  • Post-renovation kitchen cleaning
  • All the customized post-renovation cleaning according to your individualized needs



Once the renovation crew is gone, our committed cleaners will be at your doorstep to provide you with the best and high-quality post-renovation cleaning services. Our expert maid focuses on the little details to exceed your expectations and to make a noticeable difference in the cleaning industry.

Sparkxxpost-renovation cleaning services include basic trash removal, sanitation, window, We always make sure to perform our best so that you can enjoy your newly renovated place at most.

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